While at our service today and my mind was in a lot of places (yes, sigh), I thought of this word that could perhaps define and capture the LGBT experience in the Philippines: KATULAD.

We think that it is beautiful how the word
-is inspired by our past,
-defines the present, and
-outlines a better future for the LGBT in the country.

And on a more tactical and practical perspective: the word could be a noun, descriptor, and can refer to a singular person or entity or can be pluralized with an “s” when used as itself in English texts.

  • is an old word applied to a new context
  • therefore has no baggage, especially political baggage
  • stresses equality in the face of diversity, “lahat tayo magkakatulad” = “we are all the same”
  • a popular word, contemporary and modern
  • cuts through demographics in terms of usage
  • also about self-determination for the community
  • “a call to examine self-awareness and acceptance; Katulad sounds emotional… But it can also stand in critical pieces.” — C.C.
  • dama and ramdam

I can imagine an article headline in the future that goes “The Philippines has a new word for “LGBT” and “DIVERSITY” and it is “katulad” which literally means “the same” in Filipino culture and linguistics.