Our BESTSELLING coffee at KKK Coffee is our KAPENG GINTO™.

I remember when I was young, maybe even before I reached ten years old, my mom would ask me to make her coffee. She taught me how to make coffee and being the visual kid that I was, I never really remembered the measurement of the ingredients. But what I did remember was how much creamer/milk and brown sugar was needed to bring out that golden color of my Mommy’s coffee (Angelina Tenorio).

And since then, I’ve been making my coffee at home that way–eyeballing the color every time. Waiting for my gold to happen with my coffee. That was the inspiration for our KAPENG GINTO. From then on, and as a kid, I’d make the coffee for our guests as they would arrive and were received in our living room here in our house in Marikina.

I will have to admit, our bestselling coffee recipe, was approximated from happy memories, my mother’s social genius, the warmth of home, and my designer-ey visual sense of taste.

*apologies to PANTONE for this visual pastiche.

Kapeng Ginto color specs:
R 178
G 110
B 41
C 25
M 60
Y 100
K 10