LGBT Diversity Index v02 lowres

The Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce ( is currently organizing the Philippine Diversity Index report that should determine the LGBT population of the Philippines. The research and survey work for the report will be with a market research firm with input from other LGBT organizations (to provide the LGBT-lens for the research, approach, methodology, and analysis). The study will be in two phases. Phase 1 will survey and determine the LGBT population of Metro Manila, the country’s capital (12 million population) and Phase 2 set in 2017 or later, will survey and determine the LGBT population of the whole country archipelago (population 105 million). The sample size for these survey and research will be determined to create a margin of error that is permitted and usable for policy formation and development.

The Philippine Diversity Index is planned to be launched in the Diversity Awards event in February 2017 and will be available, in full, to the public, media, and other stakeholders who wish to use and learn from the information for their research and development work.