I was at the woodwork studio of artist-designer Clifford Monto Espinosa (of EADE Furniture) when he outlines so passionately for me his creative philosophy–all in one word, “bàgay”.

Bagay in Filipino can mean two things: used as a noun, it means “object” and as a descriptor “in-harmony”, “complimentary”. Espinosa’s current creative philosophy (while wholly original) succinctly explains this Filipino phenomenon of designing not just objects that exist per se but also as units that are part of something, of something bigger, something more meaningful together, or something of a layer among more layers of substance and insight.

Clifford Monto Espinosa’s “bagay” creative philosophy must be one of the most enriching pieces of insight I’ve come across in my design discussions, travels, and get-togethers here in the Philippines. I shall be posting more of his work in more entries in the future.

The noun “object” and descriptor “complimentary” or “in-harmony” both exist in one Filipino word: “bàgay”