I get asked this maybe at least several times a week for my ten+ years now involved in the shoe industry here in the Philippines. I thought, why not just send them a lead on what to search for online. So here now are my eight recommended steps for those interested in starting to have their shoes made in Marikina–whether as their own business or just because they like shoes:

1. Dream up some designs. Think of names. Dream big. Have fun.

2. Watch this video we put together online.

DESTINATION: Marikina’s Shoe Industry

DISCOVERY: Marikina Shoes

PROJECT: Shoes (part 1 of 2) with my good friend and fellow shoe-lover, Angel Aquino

PROJECT: Shoes (part 1 of 2)

3. Draw up some sketches, visit the Marikina Shoe Museum.

4. Check out these supply stores.

OTTO (beside the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church) — the largest selection of leathers sold retail

NATION SHOE SUPPLY for leathers and other stuff

PAM TRADING for accessories, heels, attachments

***TIP: Ask for Miss Yumi (say it that way), she can help you. She practically is one of the gatekeepers of the Marikina Shoe Industry. Tell her you are my friend and that I referred you to her. I am serious.

PING PING SHOE SUPPLY for synthetics

5. Contact the Marikina Trade Office of the Marikina City Hall (tel +63 2 6462360) and ask for Ma’am Lou, the head of the trade office. *TIP* Say it that way, “Ma’am Lou”, as she has access to all the shoemaking facilities in the city. Tell her that you are my best friend and she will be more than friendly, although she is already very nice and friendly as anyways. Don’t worry, I’ve mentioned this to her already — that anyone who says they’re my best friend should have access to some nice and warm Marikina hospitality! 🙂  THEY HAVE SUPPLIERS FOR BAGS TOO! 

6. While you are at it and about with the Marikina City Hall, swing by the MASID Office — that’s the Marikina Shoe Industry Development Office (headed by Mr Noel Box). Tell them I referred you to them and ask for schedules for shoe training and stuff. You will be very lucky if you get to attend the classes too of Noel Box, one of our top shoe experts here in the city.

7. Like this page for information and for your support group.

>> If you want to see a gallery of shoe and bag manufacturers, visit this photo album on Brian Tenorio’s facebook profile. Also follow me on FB too (best to follow than add as a friend). Please read through this entire page first and maybe Google here and there before asking my office (which shouldn’t be necessary by then).

8. Post photos of your new shoes online and tag me! I’d love to see your stuff. @briantenorio on twitter and instagram and www.fb.com/iambriantenorio on Facebook. Breathe! You are on your way and I am very excited for you.