DESIGN + TRADITION: we’re using bamboo as material for shanks in our shoes, coming this 2014.

Earlier in the previous century, Marikina shoemakers would use bamboo as support for high end men’s formal leather pairs. When industrialization and mass production caught up mid-century, steel shanks replaced bamboo ones. But with bamboo shanks, there is this natural flexibility and strength that is unmatched by steel shanks (which don’t flex at all, really). We are all very excited with this development — as we revisit the glorious traditions of shoemaking in Marikina.

Thoroughly excited,
Brian Tenorio

Our partners: Special thanks for Mr Emong dela Paz for his wisdom and stories about shoemaking in Marikina. Also, we are partnering with the Bamboohay organization for our bamboo shanks. These are truly exciting times for shoemaking in Marikina.