Dear friends,
Only recently have I finally decided to be based again in Manila (at least
for the next few years). With that, I am currently starting up several ventures:

1. TV MEDIA: a tv show about design x biz x travel (3Q 2012)

2. CULTURE: “The Last Shoemaker” – an art/fashion film (4Q 2012)

3. BUSINESS: a new Design Agency with coverage from high-quality branding to social development, and even with “Design-for-All” applications

4. EDUCATION: a Design-Thinking and Design-for-Business program set to launch in Makati … and maybe a high-def Design Lab there too.

5. FASHION: Shoes!/? Jewelry. Furniture.

So if you feel that there are convergences with what you do and the stuff listed above, let’s have coffee/tea! E-mail me —

Thoroughly excited,


Coffee soon?