The PROMISE IN PEARL Urn, a pearlized orb with a real baroque pearl as detailing, also available with perfectly spherical pearl detail

Designer Brian Tenorio again extends his design coverage to yet another aspect of human life — memory and remembering, as he launches designer urns via one of his lifestyle brands, Lux Mortem (www.luxmortem).

Having launched designer caskets last year (Radiance- and Emerald-cut Caskets in metal and wood), Tenorio this time brings his Lux Mortem products to the retail space. While urns are usually bought at need, they can also be bought a period after (maybe months or years) the passing away of a loved one. With this in mind, the designer created urns that “don’t look like the urns that they are,” says Tenorio. “One usually gets a creepy feeling when recognizing a marble jug or vase at a friend’s living room to be an urn. I want to change that. I feel that since the memory of a loved one is a very important thing, the experience should be designed.”

The EVENING ONYX Urn, black glass cube over a wooden structure with an onyx fi nish, also available in smaller sizes.


The FOREVER DIAMOND Urn in mirror finish over a wooden structure, also available in smaller sizes


With designs entitled, “Promise in Pearl”, “Stories in Wood”, “Evening Onyx”, and “Forever Diamond”, these designer urns commemorate in style and are made by expert craftsmen in Tenorio’s homebase in Asia, the Philippines.

The PROMISE IN PEARL and the STORIES IN WOOD Urns when joined together or acquired separately

Another feature of Tenorio’s urns is its romantic detailing. The Promise in Pearl and Stories in Wood urns are also called “Together Urns” by the Lux Mortem label. While the Promise in Pearl urn has a more feminine design (a real baroque pearl on top of a pearlized wooden orb), the Stories in Wood urn’s details more masculine elements (a cube in dark wenge wood effect). These two urns when acquired together and on display, the pearl urn nests on an especially convex on the top panel of the wooden urn.

The STORIES IN WOOD Urn in dark wenge fi nish, also available in lighter shades.

The pricing for the urns start at USD 888 and will be available at the more premium memorial facilities and funeral parlors in the country by January 2012. All urns follow international standards in terms of capacity, but special requests for smaller sizes can be considered until February 2012. More information is avaialble at and details about the designer at Inquiries for international distribution may be sent to

*All images of the urns are actual photographs of the pieces. Only the backgrounds have been rendered to suit the subject.